Axed Mold & Stain Remover Gel

Gnarly Water Spot Remover

16oz Bottle $11.75

Wipe Out Vinyl Cleaner & Conditioner

16oz Bottle $12.50

16oz Bottle $11.50

​A gel coat polymer sealant designed to protect new or like new finishes from the elements.​  Your new or polished boat looks good now but you wonder how you can preserve the finish. You and your boat can really benefit from this polymer sealant. Unlike most boat waxes or boat sealants on the market, the unique micro abrasives in our sealant gently remove old wax and residue from the gel coat and surface. The prepared surface is then wrapped in a layer of polymers that bond to the surface to protect your boat from the elements. The high gloss coating repels water and shields from UV rays.  Perfect for cloudy reservoir lakes.

One Gallon $58.00

16oz Bottle $13.50

One Gallon $54.00

One Gallon $49.00

16oz Bottle $13.75

One Gallon $40.50

16oz Bottle $11.99

Chill  Mold Retardent

Water spots drive you crazy? Wish you could wipe down your boat and chill after a fun day on the water?  Removing water spots from your boat hull is easy with Hula Boat Care Products Gnarly Spot Remover +. Wipe away water spots and maintain the gloss and shine on your boat and watercraft. Cleans without removing wax.

16oz Bottle $11.50

Chill Mold Retardant is formulated to prevent mold and mildew growth while providing UV protection. This spray on liquid is great to coat vinyl surfaces as well as carpets and storage cubbies preventing mold growth and odors.

Axed Mold & Stain Remover Gel is formulated for marine vinyl and stitching. This gel offers great control of where the product is applied reducing the chances of runs as it clings to the surface.  This thick formula allows the product to stay wetter longer and penetrate mold stains reducing the need for multiple applications. After use it is recommended to follow up with HBC-12 Wipe Out Vinyl Cleaner & Conditioner or HBC-8 Chill Mold Retardant.

Riptide Liquid Compound

​Crush Liquid Compound offers a long work time for more effective results. Quickly removes deep stains, heavy oxidation, scuff marks and scratches when used with a wool pad on gelcoat and fiberglass surfaces. This aggressive compound is designed to be followed up with Riptide Liquid Compound to remove any swirl marks.

Crush Liquid Compound

A fast cutting compound designed to remove sanding marks, heavy oxidation and stains from gel coat. Gelcoat restoration and boat hull maintenance requires more than waxing and polishing. Deep clean your boats gelcoat by removing oxidation, etching, stains and blemishes while restoring gloss with Riptide Liquid Compound.

Big Kahuna Polymer Sealant 

Hang Ten Cleaner Wax

​Hang Ten Cleaner Wax is the perfect cleaner wax for your boat and watercraft. Eco-friendly and easy to use, you will see professional results after each use with minimal effort. Great with dual action and high speed polishers.  Just waxing your boat is not going to cut it? This cleaner wax is designed to make your time well spent as it removes mild oxidation, blemishes and scuffs with ease. The surface is also polished to a high gloss and left with a water repellant UV barrier. Versatility is the key with this product as it can be applied by hand or polishing machine to provide the results you are looking for.​


Further products details and application instructions available here

One Gallon $43.50

​16oz Bottle $12.50 

Amped Spider Repellant

16 oz bottle $14.75

​One Gallon $55.00

One Gallon $40.00


Surf Away Spray Detailer

16oz Bottle $13.50

Amped Spider Repellent contains natural ingredients that discourage spiders from remaining in an area. Safe on all surfaces and eco friendly this repellent lasts for up to 3 months and helps prevent spider droppings from accumulating on boat surfaces and covers.

Surf Away Spray Detailer is a quick detail product designed to keep your boat looking great. Perfect for boat exteriors and interior.  Before or after a day on the water give your boat a quick detail with this fortified spray detailer. Simply spray the boat down including the windscreen and bright work and wipe off fresh water spots, grime, sun tan lotion, and anything else that dulls your boat. This formula boosts the shine and nourishes the wax like Big Kahuna Polymer Sealant to increase its longevity. It helps repel water so you don’t have to work so hard to wipe down your boat every time.

One Gallon $65.00

Wipe Out Vinyl Cleaner & Conditioner is a boat vinyl cleaner and conditioner that is easy to use and highly effective. A one step vinyl cleaner and conditioner designed specifically for marine vinyl. Go after stains or a simple wipe down after a weekend on the water. Wipe Out Vinyl Cleaner and Conditioner cleans vinyl surfaces and conditions the vinyl without a slippery finish. This eco conscious 2 in 1 product effectively cleans your seats from most sun tan lotions, spills, and grime while conditioners leave them rejuvenated, soft, and protected from UV rays.

One Gallon $36.00